Cyprus: The new construction is gaining momentum

High demand for Cyprus housing stimulates the growth of the construction sector. There are new projects that can meet the demand of buyers with different budgets, says an international professional organization portal Overseas Property Professional.

It is noted that the “level of inquiries for the purchase of housing, as well as the demand in general rises in Limassol: consumer confidence is growing every day, and to meet their needs of high-quality new housing is built.”

By reason of the construction sector growth in Cyprus also are good economic performance of Cyprus, banks, fully recapitalize the past, the general situation in the country and reduce the risk. Plus, the lack of property tax and charges for the transaction. Most real estate in the country interested in the citizens of Russia, the Middle East and China.

About the construction sector of Cyprus: “The demand is growing by an average of 25% per year. As long as this trend continues, and the proposal corresponds to the demands and expectations of investors to buy, there are many opportunities for buyers. “


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