Documents and certificates for category “F”

Documents and certificates required for applying for immigration permits «F» category
1. Copy of passport
2. A copy of a temporary residence permit (if the applicant is already living in Cyprus)
3. Summary (including academic qualification)
4. Excerpts from accounts in banks (originals), if not in English, then translated
5. The declaration of income resources, including not from the working of employment (eg, rental income, dividends, interest, etc.) (original + affidavit)
6. The title of the owner or, if not yet ready, the contract of sale and the receipt confirming that payment has been made.
7. The basic insurance policy.
8. Certificate of criminal records (if applying for living abroad, it is necessary to provide a certificate from the country of origin and to submit it together with a certified translation)
9. Marriage certificate (with certified translation), if applicable.
10. Birth certificates of children (with a certified translation), if applicable.
11. Other documents that are submitted with the application.

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